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Orphine, Live Forever
Scientific Name: Hylotelephium spectabile L.
Synonym: Sedum spectabile
Family: Crassulaceae
Orphine, Live Forever (Hylotelephium spectabile)
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Hylotelephium 'Vera Jameson' at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in late May, a garden hybrid, probably between H. spectabile and H. cauticola
Recommended Temperature Zone:
sunset: All zones
USDA: 3-9

Heat Tolerance: Light shade only in Phoenix

Sun Exposure: Full sun to shade

Origin: Eastern Europe to Asia, Japan

Growth Habits: Succulent perennial, 1.5 to 2 feet tall and wide (45-60 cm)

Watering Needs: Moderate water, well drained soil

Propagation: Spring cuttings, fall cuttings in a warm area

A number of erect Sedums have been placed in the genus Hylotelephium.
There are a number of varieties, many are hybrids:
- 'Arthur Branch': 10 inches tall (25 cm), red stems, purple leaves, pink flower
- 'Autumn joy': 2-3 feet tall (60-90 cm), rose to copper colored flowers
- 'Herbstfreude': German for 'Autumn joy'
- 'Indian Chief': synonym of 'Autumn joy'
- 'Munstead Red': 14 inches tall (35 cm), red stems, green leaves aging dark
- 'Vera Jameson': 12 inches tall (30 cm), 18 inches spread (45 cm), pink flowers in summer

Blooming Habits:
Tiny, star like, pink, red or white flowers, in large masses, attracting butterflies, in summer and fall.

It is possible to cut stems in the fall, lay them flat. Each leaf node should start a shoot that can be used as a cutting

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