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Sago Palm
Scientific Name: Cycas revoluta Thunb.
Family: Cycadaceae
Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta)
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Recommended Temperature Zone:
sunset: 8-29
USDA: 8-10

Frost Tolerance: Hardy to 10F (-12C)

Sun Exposure: Partial shade to sun, get sunburned easily in the low deserts

Origin: South Japan to Java

Growth Habits: Palm tree looking plant up to 6 feet diameter, growing slowly to 10 feet high.

Watering Needs: Regular water

Propagation: Seeds or offsets.

Water when almost dry and seldom fertilize. Sagos produce a periodic growth of leaves called flush up to 3 times a year. The plant should be regularly watered at that stage so that the new leaves are not stunted. Excess sun will temporarily bleach the leaves. Mature plants produce offsets (pups) growing at their base. Pups can be removed delicately in early spring. Remove leaves and plant them in the shade. New leaves appear after several months.

Blooming Habits:
The palms might be 15 years before they bloom. There are male and females. The female inflorescense is feather like, later forming a tightly packed seed head, closely covered by whitish miniature leaves. The male cone is pineapple shaped. Seeds are poisonous.

Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia
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