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Oriental Poppy
Scientific Name: Papaver orientale L.
Family: Papaveraceae
Oriental Poppy (Papaver orientale)
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Recommended Temperature Zone:
sunset: 1-11, 14-21, 30-45
USDA: 3-10

Frost Tolerance: Often grown as winter annual in Phoenix

Heat Tolerance: Dies back in early summer

Sun Exposure: Full sun

Origin: Asia

Growth Habits: Clump forming perennials, 18 inches to 4 feet tall (45 cm to 1.2 m) depending on the variety

Watering Needs: Regular water, good drainage

Propagation: Seeds, root cuttings after the top has died back

The minicap hybrids are Oriental Poppies bred for the resistance to heat, they are probably more desirable in Phoenix.

Cultural Practices:
The Oriental Poppy likes a moist, well drained, fertile soil. They are sprawling and rather soft-stemmed. The variety with bigger flowers might need support.

Blooming Habits:
The Oriental Poppy generally has single flowers with black center, they come in early summer. As many plants with a milky sap, when used as cut flower, the flower stem should be seared with a flame before putting in water to prevent wilting. The leaves die after blooming, and should come back in late summer, early fall.

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